Doll with Hammer
Acrylic, watercolor & colored ink on paper
41" x 30"

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"Diane Levesque’s complex paintings mix horror with humor through her use of dislocated and out-of-scale body parts. The works, on the surface, appear like wacky graffiti, but once the viewer looks more closely, the ghoulishness and violence become more evident. Levesque combines bright colors, strong mark-making and whirling imagery in paintings that express shock and anxiety. But their reference to cartoon and graffiti imagery makes for a rich combination of contrasting emotions. Levesque also complexly layers her imagery, with painted images overdrawn with black line. She conveys a strong sense of vertigo, with disjointed images united by their consistent style. These are works that draw the viewer closer to observe every detail, with a shocking and mesmerizing impact."
- Beth Shadur
Gallery Director at Prairie State College