Diane Levesque

The combination of reappearing motifs within my work is a source of joy to me. One possible journey to understanding and meaning is the juncture where word, idea and image play out in the daily dramas of life; a place where the real and the imaginary are signposts to guide us in our travels through life informing us what has meaning and what doesn’t. If my work appears labyrinthine or bewildering it is because the images are meant to act as a mirror of those aspects of our lives that are unwilling to yield important secrets, or let us view things that are too horrifying and too wonderful to gaze fully upon. In my work I hope to uncover meaning in various forms by sharing my fascinations with things unusual, beautiful, strange, dark, light, uncanny, familiar, wise and foolish. I seek a reconciliation of opposites and the potential of finding beauty as part of the outcome. There is satisfaction that comes from understanding life’s complexities that enlarges a way of living, seeing and feeling by which we gain knowledge and insight into ourselves and the world we live in.